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1978 - 7/9/19

Tracy has hundreds of interviews and articles, below is a small sampling of her most recent work. I will be adding articles and links over the next few months. 

  • Clock Shavings

  • Genuflect

  • Baphomet : The Temple Mystery Unveiled

  • Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA

  • Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge

  • Solomon's Treasure: The Magic and Mystery of America's Money

  • The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau

  • Dead But Dreaming: The Great Old Ones of Lovecraftian Legend Reinterpreted as Atlantean Kings

  • The Cutting of the Orm: The Secret Calendar of the Priory of Sion

  • The Choice Vine: Mary Magdalene, the Sacred Whore, and the Benjamin Inheritance

  • The Judas Goat: The Substitution Theory of the Crucifixion

  • Hocus Pocus: The Magical Power of St. Peter