Book Signing w/ Ivy Mulligan Saturday 1/13/18 1:30-3:30

Book Signing w/ Ivy Mulligan Saturday 1/13/18 1:30-3:30

TOPIC: Book Signing w/ Ivy Mulligan
WHEN: Saturday, January 13th, 1:30-3:30
WHERE: INVOKE 414 SE 81st Ave., Portland, OR (Montavilla)





ABOUT Ivy Coyote Mulligan

"I have been a practicing Heathen and Priestess since the early 1980's; and I have had the honor of meeting, knowing and working with some of the early pioneers~ not only in the Goddess Movement, but also in the US Heathen reconstructionist faith. The resurgence in the past 10 years of folks being called to the path of our Asatru faith has brought to the forefront a need for a merging of modern pagan techniques and crafting, with the staunch Reconstructionist traditions. There is a collective drive to implement our sacred Lore and the wisdom of our ancestors with the effectual Spá practices of today. I grew up in the Adirondack Mountains, the remote high peaks region of northern New York. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast, naturalist, herbalist, Reiki Master, Crystal therapist and certified Life Coach. I work with NOLS and teach outdoor survival, as well as advanced first aid. I have participated as a leader, healer and Priestess in the pagan community since 1995. Walking the path of a Northern Shaman, I became initiated as a Seið-practitioner, then becoming a ordained Gythia and a member of both the Troth in 1998, and then The Asatru Community last year. I have written a couple of books, and somehow, I got the privilege of helping to create the Clergy Training Program for TAC. After a time, I was then asked to be Director of Religious Affairs, which I adore. Myself and my long time spiritual Sister run the 21st Century Heathen and the Germanic/Teutonic Center for Cultural Arts web sites which promotes the memory, use, and re-constructing practices of our Ancestors way of living -transposed on a modern high-tech world; thereby ensuring the continuing evolution, of our cultural heritage arts. My lifestyle of living close to the natural world as well as my dedication to the Earth Spiritualism lead me to become an active Heathen steward in the protection and furtherance of our planet and its future. I am a landscaper, master gardener and plant whisperer. Currently myself, my husband, and our dog Basil, live in western Washington. -Ivy Mulligan"


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