Monday 10/30: Haunting the Edge When The Veil Is Thin - $13 7:00-9:00pm

TOPIC: Haunting The Edge When The Veil Is Thin -​A Ritual As We Enter Into The Dark
TAUGHT BY: Ingrid Kincaid
WHEN: Monday, October 30th 7:00-9:00pm
WHERE: Private Residence of owner of INVOKE 


​In October the doorway into the dark half of the year swings open. We are entering the time of cold and flickering light. The veil is thin between this world and the Otherworld and our ancestors come forward with wisdom and warnings.There are mysteries that lurk in this dark time of year and there is the richness in the death and decay that is vital to the new growth that comes again in spring.Our ancestors lit fires on hill tops and gathered together to share feasting and dancing and a calling forth of the old one, the hag, the crone, she who must be kissed in order for you to be granted the right to continue.


This event is limited to 9 people.  It's being held at a private residence Portland, OR. around 61st & Glisan. Once you register and pay you will be given the address as well as instructions as to what to bring to the ritual.  Cost:  $13



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