12/18/16: Mystic Master Anandjioti  $20*  6:00-9:00pm

12/18/16: Mystic Master Anandjioti $20* 6:00-9:00pm

TOPIC: Satsang & Channeling with Mystic Master Anandjioti
WHEN: Sunday, December 18th, 2016  6:00-9:00pm
WHERE: Invoke
COST: $20 suggested donation*

EVENT:  Mystic Master Anandjioti will be coming to Portland to give Satsang and do a channeling for a group. This event will last approximately 2-3 hours. He will also be available for private sessions, which include channeling, tarot readings, and other readings. 

Anandjiot has four apprentices here in Portland (Damen, Ben, Anne, and Eric) in the mystic tradition of Ankhar Muse. It has been a great gift to their lives.



Anandjioti is a mystic master who channels, reads tarot, and delivers Satsang for groups. He has served as a practitioner in the tradition of Ankhar Muse since 1971, when he completed his apprenticeship under his master, Edit Hugyecz.


For over 20 years, Anandjioti has trained apprentices in Ankhar Muse, a mystic tradition from Eastern Europe centered around the tarot. The training in this tradition encompasses the full range of clairvoyant, psychic, and mystic skills. The tradition is built upon the belief that our purpose is to grow in Spirit and that the highest path is fulfillment of one's nature in service to others. Being a practitioner consists of serving others by delivering message from Spirit, which help one to stay connected with their heart's path. Through this, one may gain maximum spiritual growth and fulfillment.


Anandjiot will also be available for private sessions while in town. You may contact Ben or Damen about exchange rate and scheduling.


Contact for questions and to RSVP:

Ben Murphy: benjadm358@gmail.com, (805) 358-4951

Damen Liebling: dameneaston@gmail.com (503) 438-9393


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