Thursday 8/17/17: Runes & Wyrd $15  7:00-8:30pm

Thursday 8/17/17: Runes & Wyrd $15 7:00-8:30pm

TOPIC: Runes & Wyrd
LEAD BY: Ingrid Kincaid (The Rune Woman)

HOSTED BY: INVOKE at private residence
WHEN: Thursday, August 17th   7:00-8:30 
WHERE: Private Residence off 61st & Glisan (register for address)
COST: $15  



Turning, becoming, spinning, weaving, the three Weird sisters sit at the Well in the Roots of the Tree, carving the runes onto its trunk and branches.


  • What connection exists between the runes and the Wyrd?
  • Who are these ancient ones also known as the Norns?
  • How are our lives and destinies tied up together with the ancient wisdom of the runes that hang suspended in the Web of Wyrd?
  • Do the runes hold value in our modern world?
  • What part do the runes play in your spiritual heritage?
  • What part did they play in the lives of your ancestors?


A lively discussion with author and educator,Ingrid Kincaid, the Rune Woman. Time for questions.


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