Blue Kyanite Specimen~ Magic, Balancing, Dimensional Contact

Beautiful  piece of  Kyanite, much more mesmerizing in person as the silicate glisten doesn't express itself well in the  pictures. Measures approximatey 4 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches. 


Some of the characteristics & gifts of Kyanite:

Aligns the chakras and subtle bodies which clears the pathways and meridians and helps balance the Ying & the Yang. It does not hold negativity so it never requires cleaning.  Kyanite fortifies the functions of the cerebellum and of the motor nervous system, therefore improving mobility and dexterity and is good for your throat chakra and  communication. Magically, it is good for the third eye, lucid dreams, obe, astral travel, contacting spirit guides, angelic presence, discovering past life, seeing the future, and dimensional travel.


GREAT link to video on Blue Kyanite


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