CLASS: (5 Part/ starting 11/13) Northern Mysteries Rune Intensive

Northern Mysteries Rune Intensive

Taught by Ingrid Kincaid, The Rune Woman


WHEN:  11/13,  11/20,  12/4,  12/11,  12/18

TIME:   7:00-8:30pm
WHERE: INVOKE 414 SE 81st Ave., Portland, OR (Montavilla neighborhood)
COST:   $240 


Are you ready to do some intense work with the runes, Northern Mysteries and The Wheel of Life?


Rune wisdom is ancestral wisdom, deeply rooted in the earth, sourced from the depths of the Wells, guarded by the Nornir.  Living with the Runes requires courage, truth telling and accountability, a willingness to stand in the Center of your own life with honor and integrity.


During this 5-week course you will explore various ways to use The Wheel of Life, formed by Gar encircled by the horizon. The Wheel is a tool, a map, that can be used to connect with the Runes and the ancestors, and to access and activate inherited, inner wisdom.


You will need a staff of some sort for this Rune course, a set of 33 Runes and a copy of the book Lost Teachings of the Runes – Northern Mysteries and The Wheel of Life.


You must make a commitment to attend all 5 classes as well as be willing to do the work.


Dates: Wednesdays: 11/13, 11/20, 12/4, 12/11, 12,18 (Skip 11/27)

Cost: $240 for 5-week series


Ingrid is an internationally known author, educator and a staff carrying elder in the Norse Tradition.




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