CLASS: Tuesday, 12/10  Planetary Magic I  -Taught by Erik L. Arneson

CLASS: Tuesday, 12/10 Planetary Magic I -Taught by Erik L. Arneson

Planetary Magic I  (part 1 of a planetary series)

Taught by Erik L. Arneson


WHEN:  Tuesday, December 10th

TIME:   7:00-8:30pm
WHERE: INVOKE 414 SE 81st Ave. (Montavilla neighborhood)
COST:   $23


Since ancient Sumeria, western occultism has revolved around the influences of the seven classical planets. Their influence pervades everyday life, from the archetypes they present to the very names of the days of the weeks. This class is the first part of a course intended to guide the practitioner in harmonizing, communicating, and working with the powerful energies the classical

planets have to offer.


In Part I of this course, you will learn:


  1. The basic natures of the seven classical planets
  2. Building a planet-based magical routine
  3. The Spirits, Intelligences, and Archangels of the planets
  4. Constructing planetary rituals
  5. Finding your own planetary contacts


About Erik L. Arneson

Erik has been a student of the occult for about 30 years, with 20 years of experience with ceremonial magic. His areas of expertise include Tarot, Kabbalah, Renaissance magic, and Hermetic philosophy. He runs the Arnemancy blog and podcast.

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