CLASS: Wed 1/15 Creating Servitors- w/ Lyrus Knight

CLASS: Wed 1/15 Creating Servitors- w/ Lyrus Knight

Creating Servitors

Taught by Lyrus Knight


WHEN:  Wednesday, January 15th

TIME:     7:00-8:30pm
WHERE: INVOKE 414 SE 81st Ave. (Montavilla neighborhood)
COST:     $22


Class will include:

  • Understanding the responsibility and ethics of crafting a servitor.

  • A brief history of thought forms and their common uses. 

  • Discuss techniques and implementation

  • Stress the importance of focus and creating a magickal space before and during construction. 

  • Discuss the steps of creating a servitor.

Course overview:
Join us for a detailed class that will provide you step by step instruction and guidance for crafting a servitor. Used by practitioners for many years, this craft has evolved to help aid many modern day occultists for a multitude of reasons. After a brief discussion of the history and evolution of this unique practice, you will have the opportunity to begin creating your own servitor with offered guidance and suggestions.  Recommended reading: “Maigckal Servitors by Damon Brand.”



Lyrus has had a profound interest in the paranormal since a young teenager, fueling his curiosity as he dove into esoteric studies. Born in the Washington D.C. area he grew up surrounded by Civil War stories and rich history, a playground for any paranormal investigator. Aside from ghostly encounters he has a passion for cryptozoology and often jokes that his second ambition in life is to find Bigfoot. From theory to practice he enjoys discussing and sharing anything in the field of paranormal and occultism. 


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