CLASS: Wed 1/29 Cannabis Essentials & Handcrafted Remedies w/ Michelle Lundquist

The Herbal Cauldron: Cannabis Essentials and Handcrafted Remedies

Taught by Michelle Lundquist


WHEN: Wednesday, January 29th

TIME: 7:00-8:30pm
WHERE: INVOKE 414 SE 81st Ave. (Montavilla neighborhood)
COST: $22


Discover how Cannabis and Hemp can bring relief, relaxation and rejuvenation into your daily life. Learn the basic skills, techniques and supplies needed to create your own CBD or THC Cannabis infused body care products, baked goods and teas. We'll cover other medicinal herbs that pair well with Cannabis, the best oils for infusions, Cannabis extracts, recipes and more. I'll also share with you a brief history of Cannabis and folklore that surrounds it. 


Cannabis is one of the original members of mother natures pharmacopeia. Known throughout many cultures for its use as medicine, food, textiles and euphoric enjoyment, Cannabis has been one of the most sought after and prohibited plants known to man. 



Michelle Lundquist is a folk herbalist, urban homesteader and educator with a passion for plants and their ability to heal deeply. A DIY spirit permeates her work as she encourages folks to take their state of well being into their own hands. Michelle offers her skills through classes and tutorials via her project, Michelle's Healing Home. 


Find her on Instagram : @michelleshealinghome


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