CLASS: Wed 2/26 Exploring the Fae & Elven Realms w/ Kriyanna Elumen

CLASS: Wed 2/26 Exploring the Fae & Elven Realms w/ Kriyanna Elumen

Exploring the Fae & Elven Realms

Taught by Kriyanna Elumen


WHEN:    Wednesday, February 26th (rescheduled from 2/12)

TIME:      7:00-8:30pm
WHERE:  INVOKE 414 SE 81st Ave. (Montavilla neighborhood)
COST:      $22


Fae, Elves and elemental beings are indeed real! They simply exist in another dimension and there is good reason for that. During this class we begin with a Q&A about the Fae & Elven and why it is important that we develop relationships with them. From here we begin tuning in, turning on, and broadening our psychic abilities which will assist us in having a real tangible experience to meet them in a guided meditative journey. This will be followed by spending some time sharing about our experience and new found friends.

Kriyanna Elumen is the mother of 3 boys and the Founder/Director of Toren Collective. She is an initiate in the Western Hermetic Mystical tradition. She is a Reiki Master Teacher. She is an ecstatic and a powerful channel for modern Tantra, creator of Ecstatic Awakening Meditation and Tantric Qabalah. She has been seeing, communicating working with Elemental beings since 2000 when her sight was returned at the Fairy and Human Relations Congress. Since then she has developed friendly and working relationships with a multitude of Elemental Beings which she considers part of her family.


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