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CLASS: Tues 4/28 Shamanic Astrology 101 w/ Erik M. Roth 6-9:00

Shamanic Astrology 101 - An Introduction
Taught by Erik M Roth


WHEN: Tuesday, April 28th,  6:00-9:00
WHERE: INVOKE 414 SE 81st Ave., Portland, OR (Montavilla neighborhood)
COST:   $40


Our first breath of life and the moment we enter into this world we have the gifts, elements, tools and spark to launch into the world. Shamanic Astrology is a body of knowledge that can be of immense help in understanding our soul’s intent and the phases of life. In this gathering, Erik will discuss the basics of Shamanic Astrology, what is astrology and where it came from.


Shamanic Astrology orginally was birthed by long-time astrologer, Daniel Giamario. The roots of this body of knowledge are inspired and transmitted over thousands of years from the ancient philosophers, astrologers, preistesses, skywatchers and many others in human, star, planet and Earth form. Astrology itself, through its various forms, is one of the most ancient tools we have to know thyself and is intimately founded in the relationship between ourselves and the rhythmic pattern of Earth and Sky. Details include very brief summaries of each sign of the zodiac, the 4 elements, our lineage, tools and what symbolizes ‘life purpose’ in an astrology chart.


Erik will also create time to share examples of the meanings of signs and planets as they pertain to specific astrology (natal) charts for a few who attend. For those who want a copy of their natal chart, it will be provided (RSVP with birth information would be required - birth date, birth time and birth place - to create the natal chart).


About Erik Roth

Roth has been practicing shamanic astrology doing readings since 2010 and began his journey in this body of knowledge back in 2004 directly from Daniel Giamario. He has a passion for teaching astrology and helping others become more empowered in their lives through this revolutionary language. This work fills him with wonder as he learns more and more about the spiral of life. 's hope is that this sense of wonder and insight carries over to others who seek to discover who they are with ways to navigate the human condition.

Each year, Erik teaches weekend and day classes, gives readings, along the west coast, especially in Oregon and California where he shares the gifts of shamanic astrology with others. He also in involved in a future podcast and video series along with regular articles highlighting and focusing upon different areas of shamanic astrology and beyond.