DREAMS Keepsake Gift Box

DREAMS Keepsake Gift Box

This Keepsake basket box includes the items noted below and an insert card noting the same in with the basket for the recipient.


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~Honoring & celebrating the dream time~




DREAM Bath Salt Blend to help facilitate the mind and body for relaxation and ease prior to sleep.


DREAM Pillow & Bed Spray to create an aromatic space for relaxation & rest.


DREAM Self Anointing Oil Blendcrafted to be worn on the forehead (third eye), wrists, and/or where you can subtly inhale the scent during sleep.


AMETHYST CLUSTER STONE to assist in activating the dream life and assist with recall of dreams upon awakening. Stimulates the third eye chakra, connects to spiritual realms and triggers dreams as well as lucid dreams and astral traveling. Amethyst to be placed on nightstand or under pillow.


MUGWORT is one of the oldest most magical of herbs. It’s wonderful for dream recall, will add texture to your dreams, and assist with lucidity. A wonderful protection herb as well. Remove from packaging and place in provided draw string pouch; pouch to be placed under the pillow or next to the bed.


All included in a beatiful keepsake box that can be used for years to come. The Box is filled with a blend of moss including moss locally harvested in the Portland, Oregon area. 


Salt bath, anointing oil & spray was created for INVOKE by Portland's own Primrose Apothecary. 



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