Helm of Awe Shield ~Protection

Helm of Awe Shield ~Protection

Measures approximately 12 inches long.  Made by Michelle Meister of Gaia's Workshop in Portland, Oregon. 


"This symbol is called "Aegishjalmur", also known as the Helm of Awe. Warriors frequently had this rune stave painted or carved into their helmets. It offers protection, especially in battle...but battles come in many forms. The runes on this piece are drawn in red ochre on a piece of Reindeer rawhide and mounted in a willow hoop. Red ochre is a traditional dye used in ceremonies back to Neanderthal times, and represents the sacred blood of birth and death. Reindeer is sacred to Northern peoples and represents abundance, security & family. The willow hoop was hand cut and bent by me (Michelle Meister) at the Sandy River in Portland, Oregon."


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