8/18/16: Alchemy and Sex Magic 7-9:00pm

8/18/16: Alchemy and Sex Magic 7-9:00pm

TOPIC:  Alchemy & Sex Magic
TAUGHT BY: Ingrid Kincaid
WHEN: Thursday, August 18th
WHERE: Invoke
COST: $20 (must pay in advance)

The word alchemy might conjure up images of men clad in strange robes, locked away in secret rooms, muttering, scribbling, pouring, measuring, watching. Cryptic symbols, strange equipment, mysterious formulas and secret experiments.

The word can also take us back in time to the ritual of Hieros Gamos, the divine wedding, nude bodies copulating on a central stone altar, encircled by silent observers cloaked and hooded.

And alchemy can also take us in search of The Philosopher’s Stone, the elixir of immortality and attempts to turn base metals into gold.

What images come to your mind? What do you know about alchemy? And what does it have to do, if anything, with sex magic and The Hidden and Forbidden Wisdom of Women of The Always?

This will prove to be a lively, thought-provoking and perhaps challenging discussion on a very ancient topic.

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