Saturday 4/27 1:00-6:00 Readings w/ seer CANDICE RAE $40 for 15 minutes

TOPIC: Readings with Seer Candice Rae
WHEN: Every Saturday from 1:00-6:00pm (other times may be available please inquire)
WHERE: INVOKE 414 SE 81st Ave., Portland, OR (Montavilla)
COST:   $40 for 15 minutes or $80 for 30 minutes

SCHEDULING: Email Candice directly to schedule your reading or contact INVOKE


What messages do the Fae have for you?

A Reading with Candice, the Meandering Elven Woman is a truly magical experience. Candice is a Fae-Seer. 

She wanders in and out of worlds, weaving together stories and lore, connecting with nature spirits, as well as the ancestors. She gently guides you to places of healing, imagination and remembering.


Email Candice directly to schedule your reading: (other dates and times are also available).


What path will you choose?

Seeking your way can be hard.

When you enter into an energy reading with me I receive information through images, smell, symbols, colors as well as through feeling. 

This is your energetic body communicating with mine. 

I can help you gain clarity as I unknot and reweave kinks in your energetic field. 

Free yourself from what is holding you back.

Be creative.

Dare to be brave and walk into the unknown."

-Candice Rae 

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