SMUDGE & BLESS this Space Keepsake Gift Box

SMUDGE & BLESS this Space Keepsake Gift Box

This Keepsake box includes the items noted below and an insert card of the below for the recipiant.  


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a packaged collection of tools to clear, protect & bless space




White Sage Smudge Stick to be used to clear the home… to rid of old emotions, negativity and ill intentions. Physically cleaning the home, removing unwanted items and repositioning items or furniture also assists in this energetic clearing process.


Earth Hag Spray is a blend for clearng space and creating a deeper connection between self and the Earth, inner-self, and your roots. Good for grounding anytime.


Black Salt for establishing borders of protection and absorbing negativity. Sprinkle across thresholds or boundaries to protect and reflect, or sprinkle in an area where it can absorb negativity and then sweep it out of your boundary or space.


Sacred Smudge Candle is a blend of sages and pine aromas to cleanse the atmosphere from unhealthy energy. The wax is infused with fresh sage from wormwood and juniper for added cleansing properties. Intentionally created to clear negativity, protect, and attract peace.


Amethyst Stone is included to hold a presence in the home. Stimulates and soothes emotions and the mind and assists with connection to the divine. Also works for protection.


Wheat Blessing has been woven with blessings of prosperity, fortune and love for home and family. Often hung by a door or window. Weaving & braiding is a very old magical practice.


All included in a beatiful keepsake box that can be used for years to come. The Box is filled with a blend of moss including moss locally harvested in the Portland, Oregon area. 



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