May 4th-6th! The famous Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull

WHAT: a 2hr lecture w/ meditation AND One on One sessions available with the Mitchell Hedges skull (the world's most famous and authenticated crystal skull) with Guardian of the Skull Bill Homann
WHEN: May 4th, 5th & 6th (Fri/ Sat/ Sun)
WHERE: Private space in North Tabor area of Portland, OR (home of the owner of INVOKE)
COST: Contact Laurie at (360) 810-7255

INFORMATION on the "Mitchell Hedges" Crystal Skull click here

REGISTER: Email or call/text Laurie at 360-810-7255 (must pre-register)


(NOTE: Bill Homan (the guardian of the skull) and the skull will be live on the air here in Portland with CLYDE LEWIS of Ground Zero .... date TBD...



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